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Accepted Demos and Posters


Alessandro Canossa, Give me a Reason to Dig: Qualitative Associations Between Player Behavior in Minecraft and Life Motives

Tan Phat Pham and Yin-Leng Theng, Game Controllers for Older Adults: Experimental Study on Gameplay Experiences and Preferences

Emmett Tomai, Rosendo Salazar, and Dave Salinas, Adaptive Quests for Dynamic World Change in MMORPGs

Kara A. Behnke, Ladies of Warcraft: Changing Perceptions of Women and Technology Through Productive Play

Marie Gustafsson Friberger and Julian Togelius, Generating game content from open data

Laura M. Levy, Maribeth Gandy, Rob Solomon, Anne Collins McLaughlin, Jason C. Allaire, and Laura A. Whitlock, Fear of Failure: Gender Differences in Older Adult Gamers

Siroberto Scerbo and Doug Bowman, Design issues when using commodity gaming devices for virtual object manipulation


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