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Presentation and Chairing Guidelines

FDG 2012 Instructions for Session Chairs & Presenters


Session Chairs

  • Please arrive at the room at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the session to ensure that all presenters have arrived and have brought the appropriate materials. Please work with them to ensure the technology is working correctly, and if possible minimize the number of laptop changes in the session to minimize delays. Please be prepared with at least one question of your own per paper, so you can ask it in case there are no questions from the audience during Q&A.
  • Before the session begins, introduce yourself to each presenter and review with them the order of events and the amount of time allotted for their presentation. Please be sure each presenter understands that their talk should not extend into the time allotted for their Q&A period.
  • Inform speakers of how you will indicate how much time they have left for their talk (5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, stop) and how you will interrupt them if they have reached the end of their allotted presentation time to ensure that attendees have time to ask questions.
  • Each speaker will have 17 minutes to make their presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A directly following their presentation. Presenters should not go over their allotted presentation time, since it’s important that attendees have an opportunity to ask questions. However, if a presenter does go over, that time should be deducted from their Q&A period, in order to keep the schedule on track. Please remember that some audience members may be moving between sessions to see other talks, and will rely on the printed schedule to make their plans, so please don’t begin a paper early if the previous one ends early (this is where your prepared questions can come in handy). Any time left at the end can be used for general questions for any speaker.
  • It is up to you as the Session Chair to ensure that ALL speakers receive their allotted time and that the audience has opportunity for their questions and comments.
  • At the start of the session, please welcome the audience and make an announcement to please turn off all cell phones as a courtesy for all in attendance.


  • All conference rooms will have a projector and podium. If you have a Mac, please be sure to bring the appropriate adapter for the projector’s VGA connector.
  • Please arrive at your session 15 minutes before it begins, to ensure your technology is working correctly with the projector and audio system, and to check in with your session chair. Please have your laptop set up in advance to output at 1024x768, 60Hz. Note that only speakers will have access to the Internet, but it is strongly advisable that you do not count on the hotel’s network working.  At very least, you should make backup plans if you need to access anything online. Time spent waiting for technology to work will count towards your talk time.  Please double check that any videos you may have to show are downloaded onto your laptop. Also please ensure that any embedded videos and/or audio are working correctly.
  • Presenters are allotted 17 minutes for presentation of their paper, and 5 minutes for Q&A directly following their presentation. Your session chair will keep time for you and has been instructed to stop your talk after 17 minutes —please respect these limits.
  • Please do not read your paper! Attendees will have access to all accepted papers as part of the conference proceedings. Use this time to highlight what you believe are the most relevant findings and arguments.

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