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Workshop on Design Patterns in Games (DPG 2012)

Description: This workshop focuses on the use of design patterns to game design, education and research. It will bring together researchers to present novel research and discuss future challenges.


Kenneth Hullett (UC Santa Cruz) -

David Milam (Simon Fraser University) -

Staffan Björk (Göteborg University & Interactive Institute) -

Gillian Smith (UC Santa Cruz) -

Jose Zagal (DePaul University) -


Workshop on Research Prototyping for Games

Description: For this workshop, we invite participants to bring both their research questions and the prototypes built to answer them. The day will be dedicated to demonstration and discussion, with ample time for collaboration and comparison of practice, method and result.


Mirjam P Eladhari (Gotland University)  -

Elina M.I. Ollila (Independent) -

Anne Sullivan (University of California, Santa Cruz) -


Workshop on Procedural Content Generation in Games

Description: This workshop is devoted to procedural content generation, i.e. the automatic generation of content (such as levels,maps, rules, textures, stories, items...) in games. Both experimental, theoretical, practical and critical work is welcome


Julian Togelius (IT University of Copenhagen) -

Joris Dormans (University of Amsterdam) -


Play Experience Workshop - Reconciling PX Methods

Description: The workshop is scheduled as a 1-day workshop held at Raleigh, North Carolina co-located with FDG May 29, 2012. This workshop will bring together researchers interested in GUR (Games User Research), including game evaluation, player experience, game-user research, game telemetry, think aloud, observed behavior, heuristics, metrics, and psycho-physiological measurements. The main goals of the workshop and the expected outcomes are to bring the community together and discuss the methods and applications of the methods involved with Games User Research on the design process.


Alessandro Canossa (ITU) - alec @

Lennart Nacke (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) - Lennart.Nacke @

Anders Drachen (Aalborg University) - andersdrachen @

Magy Seif El-Nasr (Northeastern University) - magy @

Heather Desurvire (Behavioristics, Inc) - heather3d @

Katherine Isbister (NYU-Poly) - katherine.isbister @

Regina Bernhaupt (University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III) - Regina.Bernhaupt @

Licia Calvi (NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences) - licia.calvi @


Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing

Description: The use of expressive communication idioms from traditional visual media within 3D environments shows potential to extend the communicative power of films into games and virtual worlds. Virtual cinematics play a role not only for entertainment, but also for training, education and many other contexts. This workshop intends to collect researchers from fields including computer graphics, AI, psychology and others interested in virtual cinematography.


Michael Young (co-chair, NC State University) -

Arnav Jhala (co-chair, UC Santa Cruz) -

Magy Seif El-Nasr (Northeastern University) -

Joseph Magliano (Northern Illinois University) -

Paolo Burelli (IT University of Copenhagen) -

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