The third workshop on Procedural Content Generation in Games (PCG 2012)

Organized in conjunction with the Foundational of Digital Games Conference (FDG 2012)


09.15 Welcome!

09.25 Session A: Generative Game Design

09.25-09.50: Game-O-Matic: Generating Videogames that Represent Ideas
Mike Treanor, Bryan Blackford, Michael Mateas and Ian Bogost

09.50-10.10: Anza Island: Novel Gameplay Using ASP
Kate Compton, Adam Smith and Michael Mateas

10.10-10.30: Generating Emergent Physics for Action-Adventure Games
Joris Dormans

10.30 Break

10.50 Session B: Techniques

10.50-11.15: Designing Semantic Game Worlds
Jassin Kessing, Tim Tutenel and Rafael Bidarra

11.15-11.35: Fast exact graph matching using adjacency matrices
Marlon Etheredge

11.35-10.55: Compositional Procedural Content Generation
Julian Togelius, Tróndur JustInussen and Anders Hartzen

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Session C: Adaptive Content Generation

13.30-13.55: Using gameplay semantics to procedurally generate player-matching game worlds
Ricardo Lopes, Tim Tutenel and Rafael Bidarra

13.55-14.20: Skill-based Mission Generation: A Data-driven Temporal Player Modeling Approach
Alexander Zook, Stephen Lee-Urban, Michael Drinkwater and Mark Riedl

14.20-14.40: In Search of Patterns: Disrupting RPG Classes through Procedural Content Generation
Alex Pantaleev

14.40 Break

15.00 Demo Session

15.30 Session D: Other Types of Content Generation

15.30-15.55: Generating Responsive Life-Like Biped Characters
Ben Kenwright

15.55-16.20: Modeling Urban Environments from Geospatial Data: A Pipeline for Procedural Modeling
Diego Jesus, Antonio Coelho, Carlos Rebelo and André Cardoso

16.20-16.40: Procedural Generation of Narrative Puzzles in Adventure Games and The Puzzle-Dice System
Clara Fernandez Vara and Alec Thomson.

16.40-17.00: Sharing Authoring with Algorithms: Procedural Generation of Satellite Sentences in Text-based Interactive Stories
Aaron Reed

17.00 Finish!